COMPACT DIRECTORY (alphabetical)


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1. Abbreviation Chart: Hardyana: Common book title abbreviations: eg: The Complete Poems = CP

2. Book Reviews:  Member Research Resources (MRR): reviews of works on TH: page directed by (pending)

3.  BIBLIOGRAPHY: The Gerber Davis Annotated Bibliography -- 100 yrs of annotated entries:  Member Research Resources

3. Bylaws: TTHA's Written Constitution -- voting procedures, officer's duties, etc

4. Contributions to TTHA: Info on sending in contributions to TTHA

5. Copyright Information for students

6. Dorset County Museum: visit the DCM online

7. Forum: Discussion-Group: Sign Up (free) to join the Hardy-List: directed by  Betty Cortus

8.  Forum: Searchable Archives:  Access to Past Discussion threads on the Forum: archivist John Cortus

9. Hardy & Drama: page directed by  Keith Wilson: TH's dramatic works and performances

10.Hardy's Life: biographical data: page directed by  Richard Nemesvari

11.Hardy's Novels: data & illustrations on all TH's novels: page directed by Birgit Plietzsch

12.Hardy's Poetry  including  info for book collection: directed by  Bill Morgan

13.Links to 300 TH Websites: + full evaluations of all 300 websites: page originated by  Robert Schweik & Rosemarie Morgan

14.Maps of Wessex: images of Wessex maps with data, provenance etc: page director, Rosemarie Morgan & Birgit Plietzsch

15 MEMBER RESEARCH RESOURCES: (MRR) Page directors,  Jeanie Smith &  Rosemarie Morgan
  • Checklist (Info) The most up-to-date, comprehensive bibliography of its kind, compiled by over a dozen Hardy scholars: a unique and matchless  resource among research models.
  • Gerber Davis Bibliography -- 100 years of annotated bibliography

17.Membership Forminformation on member privileges: Online membership sign-up form.

18.Hardy Bibliography : quick reference for students: compiled by  Rosemarie Morgan (full bibli for scholars on Members' Page)

19.News Update: Hardy related news, regularly updated page directed by  Rosemarie Morgan

20.Poem of the Month discussion group:  POTM: a new poem posted every month with info; invites discussion: directed by Betty Cortus

22.Promotions:  TH-related Activities/Dorset Rentals/ Publications: page directed by  Rosemarie Morgan

23. Publications:

24. Resources: miscellaneous items of research: page director, Rosemarie Morgan

25. Search TTHA Site: On-site Search Engine

26. Syllabi: TH Courses & Teaching Hardy's Poetry; page originated by Robert Schweik

27.Vice Presidents' Box : Profiles & Info: names and addresses of TTHA directors and Vice Presidents (22 officers in all)

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